Master Option Trading: Advanced Option Strategies

We developed our Advanced live Option Trading Course according to the market demand so that a beginners can be a successful Trader in Option Trading . So don't wait just fill up the form and book your seat for upcoming batch. Venue and Date will be announced via Email or Whats App.

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Stock Market Course for Beginners

Fundamental Courses Fees

Rs. 2000/- Only

Duration 1 Weeks

Technical Analysis Courses Fees

Rs. 5000/-

Duration 2 Weeks

gray concrete building under white sky during daytime
gray concrete building under white sky during daytime
black and silver laptop computer
black and silver laptop computer
man in blue denim jacket facing turned on monitor
man in blue denim jacket facing turned on monitor
Future & Option Courses

Rs. 3000/-

Duration 1 Weeks

Stock Market Course Details

  • Stock market for beginners course is design for those person, who have no knowledge about the stock market.

  • Duration of the course 1 Month & 2 Months.

  • Classes two day or three day in a week.

  • Time slot 10-11 AM , 3-4 PM & 7 PM to 8 PM

  • Student have to deposit Rs.5000/- ,to reserve your slot.

  • Monday , Wed & Friday For (Regular Students) 1 Hr

  • Special Classes on Sunday Only for employed person or Others. Duration of Class 3 Hrs

  • If you pay one time you get Flat 10% Discount.

  • We also provide demo classes , Kindly fill this form..

Advance Option Trading Techniques

Learn Online Option Trading Course

  • That course is design only for those trader, Who are still in loss .

  • Learn Advance trading setup.

  • Why You are not making money ?

  • How to Generate Buy or Sell Signal

  • Open Interest Data

  • PCR Ratio

  • Cross Over Technique

  • Volume Decline

  • Candle Behavior

  • Price Decline

  • Selection of Strike

  • How to analysis Candle Volume

  • How to create Trading Setup.

  • Off Line Fees :- Rs 15000/-

Course Fees :- 6000/-

laptop computer on glass-top table
laptop computer on glass-top table

Advanced Option Trading Course

Why Live Option Trading Course

  • First time in History

  • Five days Live Workshop

  • Expiry to Expiry Adjustment Strategy

  • Live Profit

  • Best Option Strategies ( Bank Nifty & Nifty)

  • 100% Cover your fees in a 30 Days.

  • Eligibility Minimum 3 Lac & Maximum No Limit

  • Registration Fees Rs. 10000/- ( Ten Thousand Only)

  • Pay balance Fees before 10 Days to collect your Entry Card.

  • Basic of option trading should be clear.

  • Batch Size 25/50/100

  • Before taking Admission you have to go through our Counselling or meeting session and it is necessary because we don't provide that course to anyone , to book just click on contact button & fill the information, we will call back.

Course Fees :- 60000/-

Get in touch , If you want to enroll kindly submit this below form. Book your Seat hurry Up, Seat are limited....

How to make money in a Option Trading.